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Comment Policy

We want our world to be a more culturally and ecologically sensitive, tolerant and respectful place. With that in mind, we are not only focused on the betterment of ourselves but on contributing to the betterment of others. We have created Minimalist Journeys to help others

  • live a happier, more intentional and less wasteful life; and
  • explore the world in a more sustainable way.

Minimalist Journeys is not intended to be a one-way street. We see our website as a forum for people to exchange thoughts and ideas. We always encourage you, our audience, to leave comments at the bottom of our posts. And we try our best to respond to each and every comment – either here on our website or (if we have your contact details and it is more appropriate) via private message.

How to leave comments?

We use the WordPress comments management platform.

All comments processed require moderator approval, which means we see each comment before it is visible on our website.

We may prevent certain comments from going live (see below when this may apply). In those cases, we can only provide feedback to registered commentators.

What are the rules for commenting?

We value the diversity of opinion, and as such, we encourage open and honest discussion on our website. If everyone just nods we don’t grow. However, there are some basic rules that do apply when commenting.

If we don’t care about a topic we won’t comment. When we do get involved in a discussion, it’s generally on topics we care about. We have an emotional connection and, in some instances, we may be very passionate about a certain topic. This is human nature.

Be open and critical, but don’t be a jerk

While emotional involvement is normal, for discussions to thrive, we need to remember to criticise ideas, not people. So please avoid:

  • name-calling and ad hominem attacks
  • responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Comments found to be hateful, inflammatory or harassing will be removed.

Add value

Always strive to add value to every interaction. Before joining a discussion, please browse other people’s comments. If you are not sure your comment adds to the conversation, think it over. Think about what you want to say before typing, and briefly check it before you press the button (autocorrect can be your worst enemy). Your comment has more impact if you stay on message, and it’s not full of typos.

Don’t post off-topic comments. If you have an off-topic idea or opinion you’d like to share please contact us via email or social media. We are happy to share great ideas more widely, maybe even turn it into a future (guest) post. The same applies to self-promotion. If you have written an article that is on topic and might be useful to others, please share it. However, comments that contain links to articles, products or services irrelevant to the topic are likely to be removed.

If you see something say something

As moderators, we are at the forefront of combatting spam and enforcing our comments policy, and so are you. If you see an issue please contact us immediately.

First published Saturday 22 September 2016. Last updated Thursday 25 July 2019.