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How much money do you need to travel?

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Travel can cost as much or as little as you like. How much money you need (to budget) for your next trip largely depends on

  • how much comfort you want;
  • how much time you’ve got; and
  • where you are travelling.

You see, a two-week vacation at a luxury resort in the Caribbean can cost you as much as a few months backpacking around Asia. Vice versa, a month of backpacking around the Caribbean can cost you less than a month backpacking around the USA and Canada.

Expense Categories

We travel the world independently and sustainably, and we are conscious of the way we spend our money. Value for money is important to us – not travelling the cheapest way possible.

Not surprisingly, we keep tabs of our spending, using these expense categories:

This helps us understand where our money goes and make purchasing decisions accordingly. It also enables us to share with you what it costs to explore the world – if your travel style is similar to ours.

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Wherever you go make sure you create a travel budget

If you’ve checked out our four-step guide to making your travel dreams come true, you know that we recommend anyone who’d like to travel to start with a travel budget.

Before we travel anywhere, we check how much we are likely to spend. Only this way, we know whether we can afford to travel to a destination and for how long, and avoid that dreaded bill-shock afterwards. To give you an example: Realizing how expensive Belize is (and how cheap Mexico and Guatemala in comparison), we changed our travel plans in 2017, spending only a week in Belize and instead three and a half weeks in Mexico and four weeks in Guatemala.

Travel costs for the countries we visited (since starting this website)

If you’re budgeting for your next trip, check out the list of countries we have visited since starting this website. Click on your destination, and you will see how much you might spend exploring the country.

CountryMonth Trip StartedNumber of Days in CountryCosts Per Person Per Day (USD)
AlbaniaAugust 201910$33.38
BarbadosApril 20177$66.56
BelizeAugust 20177$68.15
Bosnia and HerzegovinaJuly 201918$29.13
CanadaNovember 201617$72.30
CroatiaJune 201925$54.59
CubaJune 201716$47.30
CuraçaoMarch 201710$61.92
DominicaMay 201721$50.56
EstoniaMay 20198$52.85
Ecuador (including Galapagos)January 201776$55.11
GreeceOctober 201913$81.31
GrenadaApril 20179$48.48
GuatemalaAugust 201728$39.62
IcelandOctober 201913$76.68
ItalySeptember 201915$76.14
JamaicaJune 201711$52.08
LatviaMay 20197$51.77
LithuaniaMay 20197$44.14
MexicoJuly 201724$50.07
MontenegroJune 201919$40.17
New Zealand (83% rental accommodation)March 2020365$46.41
New Zealand (60% van life)January 2018365$54.86
NicaraguaSeptember 201712$24.82
NorwayOctober 20195$60.70
PortugalMarch 201913$55.21
SerbiaAugust 201919$27.54
SloveniaMay 20198$57.06
SpainApril 201912$58.44
St LuciaMay 201711$47.21
St Vincent and the GrenadinesApril 201714$65.40
Trinidad and TobagoApril 20179$56.23
United States of AmericaOctober 201641$103.51

Note: Our cost of living were converted from the countries’ currencies to USD using the average interbank exchange rates valid at the time.

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If you can’t find your next travel destination, you may find the following resources useful:

We keep adding to our list as we continue to roam the world.

Do you keep track of your spending when you travel? How much did it cost you to visit the countries on our list? What sites do you check out when planning your trip? Please leave a comment below or send us an email.

Feature photo by Pina Messina on Unsplash

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Everything You Need To Know About the Cost of Travel
Everything You Need To Know About the Cost of Travel
Everything You Need To Know About the Cost of Travel
How much money do you need to travel?