Gifting a Course | Minimalist Journeys

Gifting A Course

What a thoughtful gift idea, indeed. If you’d like to purchase an online course as a gift for someone else you have the following options:

Option one

Purchase the course using your name and email address.
Send an email to [email protected] letting us know that you wish to gift the course you just purchased.
We unenroll you from the course and email you a Gift Certificate (similar to the one on the left) with a coupon code that is 100% off the course price.
The gift recipient can then use this coupon code to enrol at their leisure.

Option Two

You purchase the course by using the gift recipient’s email address.
The gift recipient receives a link via email to confirm their account and access to the class. So make sure they are aware of it or don’t buy this gift until the day you want them to find out about it.