Coffee on desk | Photo by Jeremy Ricketts on Unsplash

Ten things I can’t live without

Paul Ryken Last Updated: Thursday 23 January 2020 Discover minimalism Leave a Comment

As humans, we can all live without most things. We just don’t choose to. So maybe this post title should really be ‘Ten things I don’t WANT to live without.’ Coffee and my morning run are just two items on the list.

What are yours?

Heart on hands | Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

What is your love language?

Paul Ryken Last Updated: Sunday 19 January 2020 Discover minimalism Leave a Comment

Our commitment statement states ‘We are aware that our language of love is different. At times, we will attempt to speak the other’s language, at other times we ‘just’ acknowledge each other’s love in our own language.’ Guess what our love languages are.