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How much does it cost to explore Mexico?

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Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to travel around Mexico? Below is our financial spend for our journey around Mexico in July 2017. Check out what we did during the twenty-four nights we explored Mexico.

When reading our travel costs for Mexico, please keep the following in mind:

  • The costs are based upon a couple travelling together.
  • We did not travel as part of an organised tour group but as independent travelers.
  • Not considered is the entry or exit transport into/out of the country.
  • We are digital nomads so base ourselves in accommodation that has good Wi-Fi.
  • Included in the overall daily costs (for the period of time we are in the country) are:

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Where We Travelled

Map of Mexico and the destinations we explored
Map of Mexico and the destinations we explored

Travel Costs Summary Table

CategoriesUSD per person per day
Government Costs$1.263%
Total USD per person per day$50.07

Our travel costs for Mexico were higher than average due to the flight to/from Mexico City, in order for Paul to attend the CDMX Half Marathon. Our leisure activities included transport and entry to several cenotes, Mayan ruins, motorcycle hire in Tulum, museum entry fees, and the entry fee for the CDMX Half Marathon. We did a lot of activities in Mexico, but we only just scratched the surface. It is a big country and there is lots more to experience.

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Have you explored Mexico? What did it cost you? What budgeting recommendations can you share?

Feature photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

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How much does it cost to explore Mexico?
How much does it cost to explore Mexico?
How much does it cost to explore Mexico?
How much does it cost to explore Mexico?