Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day

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Let’s be honest: COVID-19 has made us feel pretty uncomfortable. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us, in so many ways. Being connected with ourselves, our community, what surrounds us/our natural world helped us stay healthy pre-COVID. These connections have suffered due to the pandemic and need to be rebuilt – whether we have vaccines or not. That’s why the theme for the 2021 World Values Day was Reconnecting.

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Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

What is #WorldValuesDay?

#WorldValuesDay is an annual global event that puts values at the heart of society. It was created in 2016 by the UK Values Alliance on the premise that when we take time to identify and reflect upon our values, we overwhelmingly act in ways that benefit our wellbeing and make the world a better place.

#WorldValuesDay is coordinated by passionate volunteers, us included. In 2021, the #WorldValuesDay hashtag reached more than 75 million people via social media, and our reach next year is expected to be even wider.

When is World Values Day?

Held on the third Thursday in October, the next #WorldValuesDay will be celebrated on Thursday 20 October 2022.

I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored. — David Attenborough

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

Why is World Values Day so important?

We’ve all been living through a time of enormous disruption and uncertainty: We have been (physically) disconnected from friends and family for lengthy periods of time. Activities that have helped us stay healthy pre-COVID have been (severely) restricted. And that’s taken a toll on the mental health of many.

We’ve also gained profound insights and discovered new opportunities: Thanks to shelter in place periods, many of us have had time to (re)connect on a deeper level with ourselves and with the natural beauty that surrounds us, gaining greater clarity as to what is truly important in our lives.

Deepening our understanding of our personal values and how they help us (re)connect with our sense of self, with others, and with the world, we live in – that’s what the 2021 theme Reconnecting was about.

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves. — Mahatma Gandhi

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

Reconnecting With Nature

The initiative I led within the overall Reconnecting theme was titled Reconnect with Nature.

Pre-COVID, we (humans) often acted as if we were disconnected from Nature. We took its abundance for granted. But nature is LIFE, and life is fragile. The global pandemic has made it very clear: WE ARE (an intrinsic part of) NATURE.

As such, the Reconnect with Nature initiative aimed to encourage individuals, communities and organisations to reflect on how we value Nature and demonstrate our values through action.

If Nature is important to you, how can and would you like to reconnect with it – both as an individual and as a community?

Leave the road, take the trails. — Pythagoras

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

Ever wondered what personal values are? Or what common core values WE live by? We list our top 5 values and why they are important to us.

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

I’m outside all the time. Why would I need to reconnect?

It’s wonderful that you have the opportunity to be outside a lot. That’s not the case for everyone, sadly. Being outside, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that we are taking the time to fully appreciate what is around us. When have you last listened to the sounds, taken a deep breath to take in the smells or just appreciated feeling the sun or wind on your skin?

World Values Day and the activities within the Reconnect with Nature initiative were about being present and mindful. By taking the time to engage with nature, we can remove our mental clutter, seek clarity of thought and feel a sense of calm that sitting in a building or even doing chores outside can’t provide. Think about that when you’re outside next time.

Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021

How else can I support World Values Day?

Share on social media one of your most important values as it relates to nature and (i) demonstrating how you live this value OR (ii) thank individuals, communities and/or organisations which role model this value.Today is #WorldValuesDay. I value the opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, and that’s why I want to say thank you to @WWF for their incredible work saving endangered species.
Promote the theme Reconnect with Nature on #WorldValuesDay and what you will be doing on this day to honour the theme.Today is #WorldValuesDay. To Reconnect with Nature, I will be out and about, walking through Central Park with my friends and family. What will you be doing?

Your support could also include:

  • Making a short video clip promoting #WorldValuesDay and the Reconnect with Nature initiative.
  • Attending a free webinar as special guest and sharing the values that are important to you.

If you are interested in supporting or would like to know more about #WorldValuesDay 2022, please contact me at [email protected] or +64 20 4141 2785. You can also follow #WorldValuesDay on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021
Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021
Reconnect With Nature on World Values Day 2021
Reconnect With Nature on World Values DayReconnect With Nature on World Values Day

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  1. We are calling for a Nature Premium to fund regular nature experiences for every child.

    ‘We believe that the Nature Premium would improve children’s mental and physical wellbeing after lockdown and demonstrate a positive investment in their future development as part of the Green Recovery’
    Sarah Lawfull, Chair of the Forest School Association (UK)

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