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Merkur 46C Travel Safety Razor

The MERKUR double-edge safety razor, closed-comb head and unique two-Piece travel handle. Includes a sleek travel case to hold all the razor parts and a pack of 10 MERKUR razor blades.



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The closest shave without multi-blade skin irritation. Uses inexpensive double-edge blades. Durable and precise. Handle made of matt anodised aluminium, zinc die-cast razor head, surfaces galvanized with a polished chrome finish. Black leather case, stainless steel blades. Do you also want to look fresh when travelling? Then the MERKUR 46C is something for you. This model is a small, lightweight safety razor. All individual parts and a pack of 10 razor blades have their place in the tidy black leather case.

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Handle: matt anodised aluminium, Razor head: zinc die-cast

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