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Who is Minimalist Journeys?

Launched in 2016, Minimalist Journeys is more than just another lifestyle and travel blog. Passionate about life and our beautiful planet, we aim to inspire and guide our audience towards a more intentional and sustainable way to live and travel.

As micro influencers focused on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have a strong moral compass that guides our work. For us, sustainability is not an add-on or nice to have. It is weaved into all aspects of our (location-independent) life, and this in turn is reflected in the content we create.

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Who is our audience?

Minimalist Journeys has worldwide reach. Our audience tends to be more mature (not in age but in mind) – people who are more attuned to their values and strive to live by them. Our readers seek proven, actionable tips that help them

  • create a simpler, more sustainable and balanced life, and
  • travel affordably in a more authentic and respectful way.
Paul and Sandra in the UAE
Two pilgrims showing their Dual Pilgrim certificates
Paul and Sandra at Mt Rinjani
Paul and Sandra at<br>
The Mount

Why work with us?

With more than 20 years (combined) in product management (Paul) and management consulting (Sandra), it may not come as a surprise that we research and critically assess products and services (before) we buy. What we own and use every day (and recommend to our audience) has been carefully curated and tested long-term.

As minimalists, human connection and impactful experiences are more important to us than material items and status symbols:

  • We travel slowly, limiting our footprint and immersing ourselves in the communities we visit.
  • We love discovering what’s unique and special about a destination and sharing our findings with our audience.
  • From backpacking to van life, and tiny houses to permaculture – we also love to share our experience of living different lifestyles with those seeking (more meaningful) alternatives to the mainstream.

So, how can we add value to YOUR BUSINESS and serve OUR AUDIENCE at the same time?

Services and Partnership opportunities we offer

Product Development

We provide honest, professional assessments to unveil improvement opportunities for your product/service offering and help you create an even better customer experience.

Affiliate Marketing

We promote tried and tested, ethical and sustainable products and services that are of value to our audience – from high-performance clothing and gear to travel and hospitality services.

Sponsored Posts

We showcase alternative, more sustainable lifestyles and travel experiences that take a holistic and inclusive approach to people and planet – on our, our partners’ and through third party channels.

All engagements are tailored to suit our partners’ as well as our and our audience’s needs.

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What’s next?

We are always open to collaborations with organisations and individuals whose ethos and target audience are aligned with ours. Whether you’d like to review our media kit to see if we’re a good fit or explore any of the above opportunities in more detail – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Work With Us