Top 8 Western-Style Breakfast Spots for Early Risers in/around Kraton/Yogyakarta

mari ngopi Yogyakarta Two coffees

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There is only so much mie, nasi, or pisang goreng (fried noodles/ rice/ banana) a Western stomach can muster (especially for breakfast). If you’re visiting Kraton in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and find yourself craving a Western-style breakfast, we’ve got you covered. For those who want to start their day of sightseeing early (before it gets too hot), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite breakfast haunts in this part of the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty omelette, a sandwich or a fruity smoothie bowl, these eateries will satisfy your appetite.

sapulu yogyakarta scrambled eggs

Visiting Yogyakarta and craving scrambled eggs for breakfast?

sapulu yogyakarta smoothie bowl

After a refreshing smoothie bowl rather than the omnipresent mie/nasi goreng?

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Map of Recommended Accommodations, Points of Interest, Eateries, and Transport

Below is the map of the accommodation, points of interest, eateries. and transport terminals/stops mentioned in this article.

Why choose Kraton as a place to stay in Yogyakarta

When visiting Yogyakarta, the best place to stay is in or near the district of Kraton (at least in our opinion) [Google Maps location]. This area, surrounded by a white city wall and named after the Royal Palace in its centre, is far less touristy than the busy Malioboro area. The district comprises a selection of Kampungs (villages), dotted around the palace – each with its own character.

kraton palace sultans household staff2

Staying in Kraton allows you to mingle with locals, like the Sultan's household staff, as they go about their business

Apart from the Kraton/Royal Palace (0830 to 1500h, closed Mondays), home to the Sultan of Yogyakarta and (partially) accessible to visitors, several other worthwhile attractions are located in the Kraton District (or nearby).

Sonobudoyo Museum (0800h to 2100h, closed Mondays): This museum provides insight into early Javanese history and exhibits an extensive collection of Javanese art and cultural artefacts (including batik and wayang puppet theatre – both an intangible UNESCO world heritage). Also, check out its temporary exhibitions a few doors up towards Malioboro (included in the entry).

sunobudoyo museum batik exhibit

The Sonobudoyo Museum has an extensive collection of Javanese art and cultural artifacts (including batik, an intangible UNESCO world heritage)

Taman Sari Water Palace (0900h to 1500h): This former royal garden and bathing complex, is a tranquil oasis in the middle of the city. Read up on its history beforehand or hire one of the guides offering their services as there are no explanations otherwise.

taman sari

Taman Sari, a former royal garden and bathing complex, offers tranquility and respite from the heat and hectic of the city

Vredeburg (0800h to 1530h, closed Mondays): Another insightful museum, this former Dutch fortress just north of the city wall at the bottom end of Malioboro showcases Indonesia’s struggle for independence and the country’s post-WWII history. The tour is self-guided, just follow the numbers.

kraton city wall

The Kraton district south of touristy Malioboro in the centre of Yogyakarta is surrounded by a white city wall

In addition to these attractions, Kraton offers a more local experience with its abundance of homestays and warungs. These family-run guesthouses and eateries give travellers a chance to interact with residents (and ensure their funds support the local community).

Staying in Kraton also has a local price tag. To give you an example: Getting our laundry done cost us IDR6,000 per kg in Kraton compared with IDR15,000 per kg in Malioboro – both for same-day service.

kraton street scene

A selection of villages, each with their own character, Kraton is a great place to experience Javanese hospitality in Yogyakarta

It’s easy to get to Kraton from Yogyakarta’s main train station using Trans Jogja-operated buses (more on that below). And for those wanting to visit Borobudur, the convenient DAMRI bus departs just north of the city wall (from the bus stop outside the Central Bank building opposite the Vredeburg).

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Top 8 Places for Western-style early Breakfast in/around Kraton/Yogyakarta

Our favourite breakfast spots in/around Kraton are (in order of opening time):

#1 Pasar Ngasem

Opens at 0500h. It may not be your first choice for a Western-style breakfast as it is a traditional market. But for those looking for a sunrise breakfast, you can find coffee, fresh fruit, juices and pancakes (at different stalls) at Pasar Ngasem [Google Maps location]. It’s also a great place to watch the locals go about their business.

pasar ngasem yogyakarta pancakes

Fresh out of the oven and piping hot, these yummy pancakes are among the breakfast options at Pasar Ngasem in Kraton/Yogyakarta

#2 Almond Bakery and Resto

Opens 0600h. The Almond Bakery and Resto [Googe Maps location] is built against the outside of the city wall, near its southeastern corner. Downstairs, you are spoilt for choice with (sweet and savoury) pastries. Head up the stairs, and you’ll find a sit-down café/restaurant with coffee and many food options.

almond bakery and resto yogyakarta interior2

Buy (sweet or savoury) pastries from Almond Bakery downstairs or head upstairs for a sit-down meal at the restaurant

#3 Sapulu Coffee

Opens 0700h. This breezy café [Google Maps location] near the Royal Palace has a small tropical garden and fish pond. The menu is big, the coffee delicious, and the price tag sensible. Be prepared for return visits.

sapulu yogyakarta interior

Set in a tropical courtyard with fish pond, Sapulu Coffee's menu offers something delicious for everyone

#4 Surprisingly Good Coffee Pastry

Opens 0700h. This café [Google Maps location] is on the ground floor of a recently refurbished art-deco hotel (just) outside the city walls, near its northeastern corner. Come here for toast/sandwiches and cakes. Seating is along a covered veranda (fans) and in the lobby (AC).

sg coffee and pastry yogyakarta ice tea and cake

Located in the Ceria Art-Deco Hotel just outside the city walls, SG Coffee and Pastry has delicious treats for those who prefer a sweet breakfast

#5 Nol Kilometer Coffee and Tea

Opens 0700h. Also just outside the city wall, this café [Google Maps location] is a few doors up from the Sonobudoyo Museum (towards Malioboro). Western-style options are on the sweet side: cakes, croissants and croffles.

nol kilometer coffee and tea yogyakarta

Nol Kilometer Coffee and Tea offers respite (and sweet treats) in a lush courtyard or air-conditioned tea room

#6 mari_ngopi The Independent Coffee

Opens at 0800h, though the guys tend to start earlier. This little café [Google Maps location] is located between Alun-Alun Kidul and Taman Sari. It makes one of the best coffees in Yogyakarta. Its sandwiches are good size and delicious, and especially the combo deals are very good value.

mari ngopi yogyakarta interior

The guys at mari_ngopi make some of the best coffees in Yogyakarta and offer meal/drink combos for even the most budget-conscious traveller

#7 Arka Coffee and Space

Opens 0900h. Only a few steps away from Taman Sari, this café [Google Maps location] is a tranquil courtyard oasis with fast wifi, great for those wanting to take a break from sightseeing (or digital nomads with work commitments). Makes a good sandwich and croffles.

arka coffee and space sandwich

Set in a tranquil courtyard oasis just outside Taman Sari, Arka Coffee and Space has delicious sandwiches and fast wifi

#8 Water Castle Cafe

Opens at 0900h. Accessible through Pasar Ngasem (#1 on this list), this quirky café [Google Maps location] is owned/run by an artist. Paintings and knick-knacks are everywhere (even in the bathroom). The menu is huge and delicious: omelettes, pancakes, fruit salads, fruit juices and even lassies.

water castle cafe yogyakarta

Owned/run by an artist, quirky Water Castle Cafe has the biggest selection of western-style breakfast options among our top 8 (but is also one of the latest to open)

The best time to visit Yogyakarta

Yogya (as the city’s name is shortened) is hot all year round, but the best time to visit is during the dry season (May to October), when the heat is less oppressive, and days are clear and sunny.

Download our 2024 Minimalist Travel Wardrobe and Carry-On Packing List

This list for women and men was created as a result of more than seven years of full-time travel around the world in all seasons with only carry-on luggage. This is the packing list we have used as we embark on our adventures into 2024.

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How to get to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is situated in the centre of Java, with great railway connections to other parts of the island. Trains are (usually) on time and surprisingly clean. Advance online booking is recommended as the cheapest tickets go first.

Indonesians can book train tickets by using the Access by KAI app [Google Play | Apple Store]. We had trouble with the app but had no issue booking tickets using and Traveloka.

stasiun tugu wikimedia commons

Thanks to Java's well-maintained rail network, Yogya is easy to reach by train from other cities on the island

Yogya also has two airports:

  • Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) is about 40 kilometres (as the crow flies) southwest of the city centre on the coast.
  • Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG) is located about 8 kilometres east of the city centre (on the way to Prambanan).

Getting to the city centre from Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA)

The quickest and cheapest connection is by train, using the Yogyakarta International Line, which gets you to the city centre in about 40 minutes (for IDR20,000 to 50,000 per adult one-way). Advance booking is essential, especially if you arrive in the afternoon (a bit of a conundrum, we know, as planes are often late).

If your train is booked out, the airconditioned DAMRI bus is a good alternative (IDR80k pp, paid in cash before departure). Buses leave (once full) from outside the terminal/below the train station (we only waited 10 minutes). Ask if need be as the departure point is not that easy to find.

Grab Transport, Gojek and Bluebird Taxis are of course also an option, albeit a more expensive one. All are bookable via their respective apps.

yia train station entrance

The quickest and cheapest way from YIA airport to the city centre is by train

Getting to the city centre from Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG)

Given its proximity to the city centre, there are multiple options to get from Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG) [Google Maps location] into Jogjakarta:

  • The fastest option is by train (taking the Yogyakarta Line from Maguwo Station opposite the terminal – at IDR8,000 per adult one-way). Book your ticket via the Access by KAI app (or buy it at the train station).
  • Buses take about 30 minutes and cost IDR2,700 per adult one-way. The bus stop is outside the terminal, just follow the signs. To use the bus though, you will need to buy a transport card (at the bus stop).

Grab Transport, Gojek and Bluebird Taxis are also available. Organise the pick-up from the main road outside the airport (Jl Raya Solo).

trans jogja bus interior

Travelling around Yogyakarta using the airconditioned Trans Jogja buses is cheap and convenient

Getting around Yogyakarta

To use the Trans Jogja bus network in Yogyakarta (which includes the bus to/from Prambanan), you will need a transport card (one of those cards you tap onto a card reader). Transport cards can be purchased at the JOG bus stop (if you arrive at that airport) or from the Government Tourist Information Center on Malioboro Street [Goolge Maps location] (by Bus stop Malioboro 2). Top-ups are available there too, and at Indomaret or Alphamart convenience stores.

Traffic in town is pretty shocking, so unless you’re used to riding a scooter with hundreds of other vehicles all around you, don’t hire one to get around. If you prefer direct transfers over using public transport use Grab Transport /Gojek.

yogyakarta traffic

Don't add to Yogya's traffic mayhem by hiring a scooter - walk or use public transport instead

Booking Early 2024 Deal

Where to stay in Yogyakarta

For accommodation, as with any other travel expenses, it’s worth shopping around. When we booked our accommodation, we looked across several booking platforms to find the best value-for-money option but found in this case that offered us the best choice and price point. Wherever you book, do make sure you read the fine print to make sure you compare apples with apples. For example, your stay may incur extra charges (like local tourist taxes or cleaning fees). Some booking platforms include them, while with others, you have to pay them to your host upon arrival.

Below are my recommendations for accommodation options that fit the criteria of affordable, often meeting a sustainability certification, and that are close to public transport and points of interest.

NameProperty FeaturesPriceBook Now
BSH YogyakartaTravel Sustainability Level 2
Great location
Variety of bedroom options
$Book Now
Griya Wijilan SyariahTravel Sustainability Level 1
Traditional and modern Javanese design
Restaurant onsite
$Book Now
Nomore Gallery and GuesthouseTravel Sustainability Level 3
Reconnect with nature
Coffee shop
Packed lunches are also available.
$Book Now
Omah Gerjen 29 by Bukit VistaTravel Sustainability Level 3
Superb breakfast
Views of the city
$Book Now
Snooze YogyakartaTravel Sustainability Level 1
Breakfast Included
Adults-only accommodation
Coffee shop on-site
$Book Now
The Patio YogyaTravel Sustainability Level 3
Open-air bath
Superb breakfast
Part of Preferred Partner Program
$Book Now
Travel Sustainability Level is based upon the criteria. $ is USD50 and below. $$$$ is USD150 and above.

What is your favourite western-style breakfast place in or near Kraton?

If you’ve been to Yogya (or by any chance live/d there), what other breakfast spots in/around Kraton can you recommend?

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