Street Art in Lithuania is prevalent and impressive. And it's free to view, reducing any travel costs

How much does it cost to explore Lithuania?

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Lithuania is one of the three Baltic countries we visited in May 2019. Sandwiched between the Baltic Sea and almighty Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have a reputation for being affordable destinations, especially if compared with more established Western European countries or Scandinavia. So, how much does it cost to visit Lithuania?

Our daily travel expenses in Lithuania were EUR39.40 / USD44.14 per person per day. Our budget is USD50.00, so we were well under. As we explored Lithuania, we divided our time between the capital Vilnius (three nights), its second-biggest city Kaunas (also three nights), and Šiauliai (one night).


When reading our travel costs for Lithuania please keep the following in mind:

The currency in Lithuania is the Euro and has been since 01 January 2015. It was the last of the three Baltic states to adopt the euro, after Estonia (2011) and Latvia (2014). Before then, the currency, the litas, was pegged to the Euro at 3.4528 litas to 1 Euro.

Where We Travelled

Map of Lithuania and the destinations we explored
Map of Lithuania and the destinations we explored

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We sourced our accommodation through Airbnb, renting a private room with shared bathroom in our host’s home and two small apartments.

Shared accommodation allows us to stay within budget while not compromising on certain comforts, such as a kitchen where we can prepare meals. It also allows us to learn more about our destinations through conversations with our hosts. This was certainly the case with our Vilnius hosts, Vilte and Aivaras, whom we even had dinner with on our last night in Vilnius.

Two of the three places we stayed at were austere, five-story apartment blocks from the 1960s/1970s, which reminded Sandra of her childhood (as she grew up in a very similar one in East Germany). Not luxurious, but comfortable and perfectly suitable nevertheless.

Accommodation NameCityTypeCost Per Night
Cosy room with a beautiful viewVilniusDouble room with shared bathroomEUR36.46
Cozy Apartment in Kaunas with Free ParkingKaunasOne bedroom apartmentEUR37.37
Sun city centre apartamentŠiauliaiStudio apartmentEUR28.04
Typical apartments in Vilnius, Lithuania. Staying in one as a short term rental can reduce your overall travel costs
While not flash, austere 1960s/1970s apartment blocks like this make perfectly fine accommodation | Image by olafpictures from Pixabay

How much does it cost to explore the Baltics?

Visiting the Baltic countries in Spring 2019 cost us on average EUR45.17/USD50.54 per person per day. Check out our individual country costs here:


Vilnius and Kaunas both had very efficient bus and trolleybus systems. A single ride was EUR1 per person (purchasing the tickets from the driver). If you are in Vilnius for more than a couple of days (and are better organised than we were), it pays to get the Vilniečio kortelė (Electronic Ticket) – a card that is credited with money and/or public transport tickets. The two benefits are:

  • the ride cost is cheaper (EUR0.65), and
  • you are able to transfer to another route on the same ticket.

The Vilniečio kortelė card costs EUR1.50. For more information, check out Vilnius Ticket. For route information consult Vilnius Public Transport Routes or Kaunas Public Transport Routes.

One of the many colourful trolleybuses in Kaunas. Taking Public Transport will save on your overall travel costs.
Vilnius and Kaunas (with its colorful trolley buses) have efficient, easy to use public transport systems

Itineraries for Independent Travellers

So you are interested in travelling to one or more of the Baltic States? We have developed the ultimate three-week road and rail trip itinerary to help you explore and learn about the people, culture, food and history.

Groceries and Dining

Trying typical Lithuanian dishes and beverages was certainly something we were looking forward to, and we were not disappointed. We just had to get away from the touristy areas and eat where the locals eat. As usual, we ate a hot lunch at cafes and a cold dinner of cheese, meat and bread in the evening.

On average, our daily lunch cost EUR5.70 per person. The most traditional Lithuanian restaurant we checked out was Berneliu Uzeiga in Kaunas. We had the Farmer’s Feast which was a whole lot of potatoes (in all variations) and meat. Thankfully, we asked for one portion to share. And it was still way more than we could eat. Including a drink each, it cost EUR20.49.

As mentioned, on our final night in Vilnius, we went out for dinner with our hosts. Bambalynė is a beer hall in the basement down an alleyway in the Old Town. We shared five different beers and a cheese and meat platter. Total bill for a great night out was EUR11.45 each.

When visiting Lithuania, try some of the locally brewed craft beer
When visiting Lithuania, try some of the locally brewed craft beer


We only paid for four tourist attractions in total (all others we chose were free):

In Šiauliai, we visited the famous Kryžių Kalnas, or Hill of Crosses, located 12km north of the city. Although free to explore, you would need (to pay for) public transport to get there.

Hill of Crosses one of the most visited tourist spots in Lithuania
Hill of Crosses one of the most visited tourist spots in Lithuania

Miscellaneous Costs

Be aware that public toilets, like a lot of public toilets in Europe, are not free – even in a shopping centre or bus station. The average cost in Lithuania was EUR0.50.

Travel Costs Summary Table

CategoriesEUR per person per day
Leisure ActivitiesEUR1.945%
Government CostsEUR0.000%
Total per person per dayEUR39.40

7 nights in Lithuania: USD618.00 / EUR551.65 (two people)

Daily Expenses in Lithuania: USD44.14 / EUR39.40 (per person)

Cash Requirements

From a safety point of view, we like to have as little cash as possible on us, yet enough to not feel uncomfortable. Of the expenses incurred in Lithuania, we paid 21% in cash. The biggest cash amount was EUR10 for entry into the Gediminas Castle Tower. No credit card facilities were available.

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Other Cost Summaries and Budgets

Other websites have calculated the costs as shown in the table below. We are unsure whether their data includes entry/exit cost. However, it is good to compare our actual versus their data. As a travel cost estimator, Budget Your Trip is one of the best ones, however, it pays to review sites such as Numbeo

NameDaily Amount Per PersonTravel Style
Budget Your TripEUR67Mid-range

Have you travelled around Lithuania? Where did you go and how much did it cost? Please leave a comment below or send us an email.

Feature image by 680451 from Pixabay

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Lithuania travel costs and money tips | Minimalist Journeys
Lithuania travel costs and money tips | Minimalist Journeys
Lithuania travel costs and money tips | Minimalist Journeys
How much does it cost to explore Lithuania?